More than 3 years ago, I began to build around a conviction: creating with flowers to experience its benefits.


Whether we like it or not, life can be chaotic and beyond our control at certain times in our lives. This has become even more real over the past 3 years. Being a mom, a wife and working full-time in the field of digital transformation and data analysis, I needed something to help me refocus and stay on track with positivity. It was through this journey that I discovered that flowers really had a positive impact on us.


I had the chance to discuss with Dr. Nancy Etcoff on the subject. As an instructor of "The Science of Happiness" at Harvard Medical School and director of the Aesthetics and Wellness Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, Nancy Etcoff is uniquely qualified to solve the mysteries of contentment. She confirms it well, that having flowers in the house really makes us happier! Her behavioral research study has demonstrated the ability of flowers to make people happy, enhance feelings of compassion, foster creativity, and even provide an energy boost.


Kiosque Plumeria Floral has therefore materialized with the conviction of sharing the benefits of flowers, whether simply by encouraging local flower farms and exposing flowers in our environment, creating with pressed flowers or enhancing your events with its wonders.


Now it's your turn. Treat yourself and promote your well-being!


With love, Sounithtra